Finbarr Ross is a modern-day spiritual alchemist and a 21st century mystic, whose consciousness-raising and unifying work has inspired many. His wisdom, love, courage and spiritual insight have helped change lives and awakened the truth that– no matter where you are in life you can triumph. His life mission attests to this truth and his passion to help others rise up and become victorious in their own sacred journey.

Finbarr has been instrumental in creating a body of work that empowers others to walk the path of the heart which includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Awakened Consciousness and Ascension Process Transmissions
  • The Golden Flame Illumination Initiations
  • Ascension – The 13 Gateway that humanity and our planet are and must walk through
  • Unified Consciousness – The Power and Presence of the Seven Rays
  • Monthly and Seasonal Meditation Gatherings
  • Sacred Mystical Travel for Spiritual Illumination and Transformation
  • Mary Magdalene and the Grail Mysteries – Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • Mother Mary Transmissions
  • Mother Mary Network Healing (a Divine Feminine Emotional Healing Process)
  • Creator of Matrix Nutrients

Sacred Mystical Journeys

In 2002, Finbarr created a vehicle, Sacred Mystical Journeys, to facilitate group travel to sacred power sites around the world. As you travel with Sacred Mystical Journeys you awaken to a new dawn of transformation when visiting lands steeped in ancient spiritual wisdom. Travel to sacred sites to feed your soul by embracing the esoteric truths that beckon you. Transport yourself back to a time when ancient song and dance nourished the soul. Find yourself immersed in the sacred mystery of ancient tradition.

Born in County Cork, Ireland, Finbarr grew up with Celtic roots in a family of seven children on a farm. Leaving home while in his teens, he made his way to Dublin and London where he began a career of more than two decades in insurance, finance and real estate. Following a move to the United States in 1983, Finbarr began a spiritual quest leading him to attend, and subsequently graduate, from Sancta Sophia Seminary with his ministerial license.

Our Philosophy

On our sacred tours, you are being asked to feed your soul as it awakens to the many wonders of the miraculous and the mystical. Join our experienced guide Finbarr Ross on this spiritual adventure, and as we journey, we will experience the timeless wonder of being a pilgrim for a sacred travel experience much more unique than one experienced by the ordinary traveler.

Finbarr leads spiritual tours and facilitates custom tours for other spiritual groups to a total of 17 countries – Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, India, Malta and Sicily, Turkey, Peru, Israel, Guatemala, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Thailand.

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Matrix Nutrients

Finbarr founded Matrix Nutrients in 2008.

The best nutrition for your body is whole food. Matrix Nutrients are, quite simply, food without the bulk. Our vitamins and minerals are truly natural supplements because they are made from real food. The body is able to absorb and use the active nutrients in our products much more efficiently because it is real food. In contrast to other so-called ‘natural’ supplements, since ours are made from foods, not chemicals, the body recognizes these supplements as foods which are absorbed into the blood stream within twenty minutes of taking them. Their rate of absorption is at minimum, 85%. We believe that the solutions to our health dilemmas have been provided in a natural and unprocessed state by Mother Earth. Using these gifts as they existed for centuries is how to truly heal and honour your body, mind and spirit. Yet, with the degradation to the earth over the years, the ability of Mother Earth to produce healing foods and remedies has been diminished. Therefore we, at Matrix Nutrients, have created a bridge to those natural healing gifts of the earth with the products we provide.