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‘With ancestral Bardic tongue Finbarr courageously weaves an illuminating tapestry that illustrates the Way of the Initiate; the path of transmuting imprisoning fear into the liberation of body, mind and spirit. Allowing a mature transparency, Finbarr’s telling of his personal inner pilgrimage shines with conviction, humor and compassion for our shared suffering. Hand in hand with the Divine Mother, whose counsel, ‘KNOW THYSELF!’ he takes to heart, Finbarr, a skilled and caring guide, shows us that we, too, can trust, relax and lay our burdens down.’ Claire Heartsong ‘Anna, Grandmother of Jesus’ and ‘Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes’ with Catherine Ann Clemett

Being lost in the dark forests of life can be deeply disturbing, just as finding oneself in a paradise of pure spirituality can be enchanting, yet there is no more profound a virtue than discovering freedom whilst on the mystical path. Finbarr Ross’s book does just that, for as one embarks on the immensely compelling nature of his odyssey, one truly begins a SACRED MYSTICAL JOURNEY as the book’s title reveals. Initially one is wrapped by the Celtic mists of Cork, before being plummeted into a life drama of great loss, only to once again soar into the fulfilment of a dream, in the land of dreams the great USA. Finbarr’s writing is richly compelling and I felt inexorably drawn to the rich pathos of his story, as once again his odyssey moves into an horrific judicial arrest that incarcerates him for long periods of time, as well as holding him in an internal jail of shame and guilt, before discovering mercy and the self-righteous desire for justice – all as a result of his complete lack of perfidy or guilt. Once vindicated this saga smacks of the epic stories of yore, except Finbarr continuously draws us into the soul-lessons learned on his extraordinary odyssey, and so we move back to the lyrical source of all love and all faith, back into the arms of the Divine Mother. This book is a must for any spiritual initiate! Stewart Pearce – Master of Voice, Sound Alchemist & Angelic Emissary

‘Truth is truth, but not all truth is your truth. You must find your truth and then you are responsible for it.” This is one of my favorite quotes that was given to me by the Divine Mary Magdalene. As I read Finbarr Ross book Sacred Mystical Journey those words came alive within my heart even more deeply. Within the pages of this book the above words by Mary Magdalene will ring true for you as you embark on this very intimate journey with Finbarr as he finds his truths, and then becomes responsible for them. The courage, tenacity, faith and strength he endures as he places his trust in the divine that speaks to him and through him will move you. This is a sacred pilgrimage into the heart and spirit of a modern- day mystic who guides you on how to stand in the fire, and to believe that everything is in divine right order even in the most dire of circumstances. Finbarr’s journey will empower you to trust and surrender each day to the prayer of “thy will, not my will, thy way not my way so you too can fulfill your soul’s destiny and stand firmly in the truths that are yours and yours alone.’ Joan Clark Author of the Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional and Mary Magdalene’s Walk of the Resurrection.

‘It’s not often when a story weaves together a harrowing real life hero’s journey with the discovery of profound sacred knowledge. In Sacred Mystical Journey Finbarr Ross courageously shares his personal ‘page-turning’ life experiences and his sincere quest for finding his own life purpose. How does one feel the true gift as well as what is ours to offer in a place that appears bleak beyond our imagining? In the spirit of The Alchemist the reader is guided to places normally not accessed, with the opportunity to feel honest compassion for ourselves and others, while finding healing, growth and love in the most unlikely of places. A worthwhile journey indeed.’ Sunny Chayes Host of ABC ‘Solutionary Sundays’ and ‘Pioneers of Possibility’ on Spanish/English Mindalia TV, Feature writer and Chief Strategist for Whole Life Times, Global Peace and Environmental Activist.

‘Sacred Mystical Journey is a compendium of life’s learnings. Love’s capacity to transform us, and a deep and riveting account of the capacity to transmute betrayal into forgiveness and adversity into blessing. Through Ross’s honesty and vulnerability we come to understand that each of us has the power to “love what we have hated, to love what we feared, and to love what has haunted, or hurt us.” Using a map of spiritual principles, Ross shares with us an inner world of wisdom that is our birthright, and brings us a tried and true formula for resolution and ultimate absolution, through forgiveness, healing and love.’ Flo Aeveia Magdalena ‘Remember Union’ and ‘Sunlight on Water’