Sacred Mystical Journey: A Life Journey from Tragedy to Triumph
by Finbarr Ross

Sacred Mystical Journey – A life from Tragedy to Triumph details how he has traversed the different stages of the alchemical process through an intimate self-distillation, ultimately leading to his becoming the spiritual mentor that he is. Walking from the shadow into the light of his own soul path Finbarr has become a beloved facilitator for others who are devoted to awakening and becoming pillars of light and love for humanity as well.

Finbarr has been instrumental in creating a body of work that empowers others to walk the path of the heart which includes, but is not limited, to:

Awakened Consciousness and Ascension Process Transmissions
The Golden Flame Illumination Initiations
Ascension – The 13 Gateway that humanity and our planet are and must walk through
Unified Consciousness – The Power and Presence of the Seven Rays
Monthly and Seasonal Meditation Gatherings
Sacred Mystical Travel for Spiritual Illumination and Transformation
Mary Magdalene and the Grail Mysteries – Awakening the Divine Feminine
Mother Mary Transmissions
Mother Mary Network Healing (a Divine Feminine Emotional Healing Process)
Creator of Matrix Nutrients

My wish for you
We all have a story and this is mine. My desire for sharing it with you is to encourage you to trust that there is a benevolent power that is always watching over you even when you feel lost, alone, abandoned, full of despair and hopeless, know that you are not alone. On my walk from incarceration to illumination/spiritual awakening, my soul took me on a vision quest to meet myself. It was not easy as you will read in the pages, but each step of the way has lead me to the life that my spirit was calling me to. Each experience tested me and grew me into the person I am proud to be today. My hope is that as you traverse through the pages of this book that you will be encouraged to trust more deeply that everything is in divine right order and that you are loved even when you feel like your life is falling apart. If you can, have even a seedling of faith that perhaps something is unfolding on your behalf for your highest good, something that has not been revealed to you yet, I promise life can take unexpected changes you could never even dream of…for the better. As you will see in the chapters that my life is living proof of it and I wish and my intent is that for you as well.

What do we learn from tragedy?
Being connected to the human experience — whether tragic or exuberant — can make us feel alive and drive us to lessen the suffering of others. If we are in tune with others and able to step outside of ourselves, tragedy can be a magnificent wake up call, a loud reminder to live authentic, meaningful lives.

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